As part of our exciting new 95 campaign we hope to resource our workers to develop new ways to reach the children and young people who are not in church, inviting them to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life.

Workers like Wayne...

Wayne is one of 130 dedicated workers in the SU movement who have been called to undertake the great commission full time.

Working for Christian Connections in Schools (CCiS) – a Local Mission Partner, Wayne knows that the majority of children and young people he engages with are part of the 95% not in church.

His biggest opportunity to reach them is by being in schools.

To find out what Wayne is doing to reach the 95% of children and young people not in church take a look at his diary

With your support of the 'Good News Fund', workers like Wayne can reach children and young people in new and innovative ways.

With the right resources and support Wayne hopes to share the gospel through:

Illuminate: ‘The (Gospel) Message is in the Music’ – A Christianity awareness week hosted by the Christian rap group LZ7 and run in up to five local secondary schools. Wayne is really excited about the opportunity for local Slough and Windsor schools to host Illuminate next year, giving the potential for around four to five thousand young people to encounter Jesus and learn more about him.

iSingPop: A music initiative that brings together the local church, local schools and the local community. A team goes into a primary school and spends three days teaching the children pop songs with a Christian message. Wayne has already seen seven local schools take part in this and he was blown away with how this has worked and the positive vibe that it brings. He would love to see this grow across the country.


Will you be good news to children and young people and provide our workers with the support and resources they need to share the gospel?