Lifepath Cragg Vale

  • Date: 3–5 June 2019
  • Event Age Range: Year 5 and 6
  • Volunteer Age Range: 18+
  • Location: Cragg Vale



Lifepath Cragg Vale allows children to explore the Christian faith in a fun and interactive day through looking at the lifepath of the Rev Thomas Crowther. He was vicar of Cragg Vale from 1821 until his death in 1859. This area is now a beautiful, quiet Pennine valley but in that period Cragg Vale was full of cotton & woollen mills, where some children were employed for up to 16 hours a day in harsh and dangerous conditions, being ill treated by some of the worst mill owners in the country.


Thomas Crowther really cared about these children and bravely campaigned with others for their rights to shorter working hours and better conditions, despite fierce opposition and abuse from the mill owners who were members of his congregation. With others his efforts resulted in the Ten Hours Act of 1847 and so he helped not just the local children but thousands throughout the country. The event is used as a springboard to encourage all those that attend to reflect on their own 'life path'.

There are opportunities for volunteers to act as Pilgrim Guides, leading a group of about 15 children through the activities and building a positive relationship with them and their teachers throughout the day. Other volunteers are needed to run various high quality workshops which may include arts and crafts, drama, discovery and other activities. There is also a need for volunteers for “behind-the-scenes” roles such as stewarding, audio visual support, first aid and catering.

Since Lifepath takes place within the school day it’s a great opportunity for volunteers of all ages to get involved.