Applying for a holiday grant


1 Can anyone apply?

The application can be made by the person attending the SU holiday, a parent or guardian. Often the application is organised by a friend or youth leader who arranges for the application form to be signed by the parent or person involved.

2 When should the application be made?

The application form should be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the holiday. If you tick the ‘Applying for a grant' box on the holiday booking page, you will automatically receive an email with a link to the form. Alternatively you can request a form by emailing or calling 01908 856000

3 Do I have to tell you personal information?

The application form asks for the reason for the application, and whether the parent or recipient is receiving state benefits (it is not necessary to be on benefits to be considered). The form also has to be countersigned by a church minister, youth leader, teacher or other professional. All this information is treated in strictest confidence.

4 Will the money be paid directly to me?

If your grant application is successful, the money will be transferred directly to the holiday and you will be notified that this has happened.

5 How much can the fund contribute to the cost of the holiday?

Grants of varying amounts are available, depending on need.