Lagger Advance - Camping

Where:Dursley, Gloucestershire
When:1–4 August 2018
Who for:12 - 15 yrs
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Lagger Advance is a camp for those who are happy to work hard. 

Lagger Camps take place in a field and so before the children arrive for Lagger 1 we need to set up the tents and all the equipment.  This is why we have Lagger Advance!  There will also be repairs and site maintenance to do. The team know what things should look like and how to set up the camp properly, so don't worry about that.  It will be hard work but if we get all the jobs done there should be time for fun together as well.

Lagger is all about Jesus and the Bible, so we always make sure we have time to sing, pray and read the Bible together each day, both all together and in tent groups, where there is a chance to chat and ask questions.

If you enjoy working outdoors for lots of the time, getting your hands dirty and being part of a work team then this could be the camp for you. But if you'd rather have a sit down and are not keen keen on hard work then you probably won't enjoy Lagger Advance because when you arrive you'll even have to set up your own tent!

Please only book onto this holiday if you have been invited to do so by the holiday leaders. If you are interested in booking a place on the holiday please use the Contact the Holiday Leader link below.

Leader: Gareth and Jacqui Hutchinson

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Contact:Rachel Maxted

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