Lagger Advance

  • Date: 1–4 August 2018
  • Event Age Range: 12–15
  • Location: Dursley, Gloucestershire
  • Accommodation: Tents
  • Volunteer Cost: £42

Lagger Camps are real camps – that means you sleep in tents, and look after a group of delightful 12–15s. Lagger Advance is different from the other Lagger camps though, as the young people come to set up the site, including putting up tents, adventure area, football pitch and splash pool.  There is still time for worship and talking about Jesus every day, and a chance to cook your own lunch on a campfire, check that this summer’s camp walk works and do some woodcrafts.

If you worry about these things we do have normal loos, they are just in garden sheds. We even have a shower or two, though they are not quite like what you have at home!

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