Lagger Week 1

  • Date: 5–10 August 2018
  • Event Age Range: 8 to 11
  • Location: Dursley, Gloucestershire
  • Accommodation: Tents
  • Volunteer Cost: £56

To give you a flavour of the holiday, here is the text from the Holidays website. Please contact the holiday leader for more information.

Please use this page to apply for Lagger Week 1 team. If you are applying for Lagger Week 2 only then please go to Lagger Week 2 2018.

Lagger Camps are real camps for those in school years 3 to 6, living in tents, closer to nature.

We have an active, outdoor programme with our days including games, walks, woodcrafts, cooking your own lunch, campfires and plenty of free time to play football or on the aerial runway, fort, trampoline, or in the freezing cold splash pool!

Each day at Lagger includes a special Clubtime, with songs, competitions, Bible Stories and prayers. It is a chance to have fun and a time to think about Jesus too.

Primary holidays

But don't come if you want to watch TV or play on a computer all the time — we don't have one! Don't come if you want to spend lots of time sitting around doing nothing — we don't do that! If you hate long walks, water games or making things from wood — don't come!

We make the most of where we stay by: going on fun walks; cooking our lunch on a camp fire; playing games on the field; making wood crafts to take home; drinking cocoa round the camp fire before bed and maybe even sleeping out under the stars!

In case you worry about these things, we do have normal loos, they are just in garden sheds.

If you are planning to volunteer for both Lagger weeks then there is a space on the application form to tell us. You don't need to submit the application form twice.