What next with Scripture Union

Light parties is just one of the ways that SU is working to fulfil our mission of sharing the good news with the next generation.

Resources for children

Scripture Union Christmas giveawaysChristmas giveaways

Perfect for your next outreach opportunity, Scripture Union has put together some missional booklets to explain the meaning of Christmas to children and young people!

Why not order them to hand out at nativity plays or Christingles? They are called The best present ever for those aged 5 to 8 and The greatest gift of all time for those aged 8 to 11. Visit our online shop to pre-order your copies (from October onwards).

Guardians of Ancora logoGuardians of Ancora

Live the stories of the Bible! Have you discovered Guardians of Ancora yet? This ground-breaking interactive game is available for FREE on tablet devices and mobile phones and is ideal for engaging 8- to 11-year-olds with the Bible in a fun way!

Visit guardiansofancora.com for more details.

How can we help you with your children’s work?

Guardians of Ancora on a tablet…bring Ancora into church

Do your children love playing games on the tablet? Are you not sure how to bring this into your youth session? We have lots of advice and helpful hints as to how you can use our interactive Bible-based game in your church setting and get the whole congregation involved in encouraging your children in their faith.

You can download a free e-book now from guardiansofancora.com/church

Children enjoying a holiday club…have a great holiday club

Let us remove the stress of planning with our ready-made holiday club! Help your church to organise a week (or shorter!) of Bible-based fun and games for children and young people using our handy book which has lots of helpful information to ensure your week goes smoothly. Find out more at www.scriptureunion.org.uk/holidayclubs

LightLive screenshot…a free planning tool every Sunday

If you have enjoyed using the Light Party material then why not have a look at our LightLive materials? Visit www.LightLive.org to find a large variety of free Bible studies, discussion ideas and activities ideal for use in Sunday school or with youth groups.

Look out for ways that you can get involved on our website www.LightLive.org