Scripture Union Light Parties - A Christian alternative to Halloween

Download a free 2016 Scripture Union Light Party Pack

Does your church wonder what to do for children at Halloween each year?

Do you want help in answering the questions they ask about it?

Do you need some inspired ideas for Light Parties that don’t involve lots of preparation?

Then Scripture Union's FREE Light Party Pack could be just what you need!

Back for a fourth year running, the 2017 Light Party Pack is full of games, party ideas and resources to help your alternative Halloween event go as smoothly as possible!

The Light Party Pack has got lots of ideas and suggestions as to how you can turn the modern version of Halloween into something that brings children closer to knowing Jesus as the Light of the World. After all, the origins of Halloween come from All Hallows Eve, a Christian tradition of remembering those who gave up everything to follow Jesus!


Even more Light Party goodies

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FREE Resources and ideas to make your Light Party even better

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