The Real Thing

  • Date: 10–18 August 2018
  • Event Age Range: 15 to 17
  • Location: Great Wood Camp, Over Stowey, Somerset
  • Accommodation: Wood cabins
  • Volunteer Cost: £217

To give you a flavour of the holiday, here is the text from the Holidays Brochure. Please contact the holiday leader for more information.

What do you want from a holiday? Adventures in the heart of nature, log cabins, shooting stars, opportunities to talk about the God who made those stars, a late night café, open mic nights, excitement, profound and real worship, crazy dancing, custard, banquets, peace, truth that will set you free, being yourself, making real friends, new challenges, hike in the hills for two days camping overnight, and a campfire like no other... take a deep breath: experience The Real Thing.

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