Daily Bread (July - September 2014) - PDF download edition

Daily Bread (July - September 2014) - PDF download edition

  • Series: JS14
  • Readership: Adults
  • Author: Editor: Jenny Hyatt
  • ISBN: P014032A
  • Format: PDF download
Price: £3.99

Take a look inside Daily Bread helps people explore, understand and enjoy the Bible - and work it out in everyday life.

Daily Bread gives you:

  • a Bible reading for each day;
  • easy-to-understand, practical comments which relate the Bible to everyday life;
  • a special Talkabout section for individuals and small groups.

In this edition:

  • 'Tricia Williams on Matthew 16–17
  • Bruce Dutton on Job 
  • Terry Clutterham on 1 Timothy
  • Phil Andrews on Matthew 18–19 
  • David Bracewell on 1 Chronicles 10–29 
  • Wendy Virgo on Matthew 21–22 
  • John Taylor on Zephaniah
  • Mike Archer on Amos
  • Anthony Billington on Philippians 1–2


Please note: This is the PDF download edition of Daily Bread for April - June 2013. If you make a purchase, you will be sent a link to download a PDF file which you can view on most computers and mobile devices.