Holiday and Midweek Clubs

Scripture Union longs to see children of all backgrounds meet with Jesus whether they are part of a church or not. Holiday and midweek clubs play a key part in this. All our club material is labelled with the eye level logo so you will know what to look out for.


Why run a Holiday Club? This six minute video gives you an understanding of how a Scripture Union Holiday Club will provide you with a vital tool to connect with children and families in your local community. Featuring CBeebies presenter Gemma Hunt and renowned storyteller Bob Hartman, who front the latest Holiday Club, Mega Makers!

Ancora Treasure Seekers 2017

Starting with the birth of Jesus and ending with his resurrection, join the Guardians on their new adventure!

Guardians of Ancora: Treasure Seekers logo


Guardians of Ancora 2016

Based on stories from Jesus' life, designed to work with the free Guardians of Ancora Bible exploration app or to stand alone.

Guardians of Ancora Holiday Club logo

Polar Explorers 2015

Based on different characters from The Acts of The Apostles, with a polar exploration theme.

Polar Explorers Logo

Mega Makers! 2014

Exploring the theme of inventions and based on Matthew's Gospel.

Space Academy 2013

Has a space theme and explores the early chapters of Daniel.

Space Academy banner

On Your Marks 2012

Based around stories about Jesus from Mark's Gospel. The theme is the Global Games.

Mission Rescue 2011

Explores stories of God rescuing his people, from the book of Exodus. It has a spies/secret agents theme. 

For follow-up midweek club material go to Awesome!

Mission Rescue logo

Rocky's Plaice 2010

Based around the character of Peter and the early church. With a fish and chip restaurant setting! 

For follow-up midweek club material go to Take Away

Rocky's Plaice banner

Showstoppers 2009

Focuses on God's great plan for salvation. With a creative arts theme.

For follow-up midweek club material go to Dress Rehearsal

Showstoppers banner

Champion's Challenge 2008

Focuses on the events from Jesus' life, death and resurrection, and on sport.

For follow-up midweek club material go to Target Challenge

Champion's Challenge banner

Wastewatchers 2007

Focuses on the themes of transformation and the environment.

For follow-up midweek club material go to High Five!

Wastewatchers banner

Take a look at the Older holiday clubs and Older midweek clubs for even more choice!

Essential resources

When running any club you'll need to consider issues such as Ofsted requirements , Registering children , Child protection and Insurance, health and safety . For other essential resources go to Downloads.