Bible reading for adults

We have a wide range of Bible reading guides for adults to suit different tastes and preferences, some are published quarterly with a reading for each day in that period and some are un-dated and more flexible. You'll find a brief description of the printed guides we have to offer below:

Daily Bread is the quarterly Bible reading guide that aims to help you hear from God as you read the Bible. If you've ever asked the question, 'What possible relevance can this verse have for me today?' then Daily Bread is for you.Encounter with God is Scripture Union's quarterly Bible reading guide designed to lead you to a deeper understanding about what God is saying to you and to his world today.As well as our quarterly published daily Bible reading guides, we have a wide range of other guides to help you engage with the Bible. Take a look at this section to find out about these resources which include the ever popular Essential 100 and Essential Jesus range.
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