theGRID for Leaders (January - March 2014)

theGRID for Leaders (January - March 2014) - 11-14 year olds

  • Series: Light
  • Readership: Leaders of 11-14s groups
  • ISBN: SU-GL141
  • Format: 275x210mm magazine
Price: £9.99

Lively, interactive Bible based learning for young people aged 11 to 14 years. Young teenagers are faced with many challenges, so theGRID is sensitive to their world and resources leaders to meet their needs appropriately.

Encouraging churches to think of 11s to 14s as young teenagers, theGRID for Leaders can be used in cell groups, open clubs, traditional Sunday groups and larger celebration events. Use alongside theGRID Lifestyle Magazine for an even wider range of activities.

You can download a sample session from theGRID here.